Blacksmithing Classes at the Herr House

Want to try your hand at the ancient art of blacksmithing?  We offer opportunities for people of all ages, skill levels, and interests to learn and practice this craft.  Work with a master blacksmith one-on-one for a day, or take one of our group classes.  Parents and children can work together for a memorable experience at a blacksmith class designed especially for children.  See more details below, or contact Tiffany at or 717-464-4438 to discuss class options.

One-on-One Blacksmithing Classes

Experience one-on-one learning, with a Master Blacksmith, in the Herr House Blacksmith shop. Working with a Master Blacksmith, the student will learn the basics of fire starting, metal temperature and safety procedures. The student will make a simple project, using basic skills of blacksmithing. The Herr House will connect the student and instructor to allow them to determine an agreeable date for instruction. Classes may take place Monday through Friday, during daylight hours, May through October. No Sunday classes. Students must be sixteen years of age or older to register. If the student is younger than eighteen, a guardian must be present.

The cost of the class is $150 and includes instruction from a Master Blacksmith and materials.

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Contact Tiffany at for more information.

Class must be scheduled within one year of purchase date.

Adult Group Blacksmithing Class

Try your hand at blacksmithing with Matt Holliday, Dave Kauffman, and Frank Gillespie. Learn to start a fire with flint and steel, make coke from coal, heat steel to forging temperature and use a hammer, anvil and other tools to make a hook rack. This workshop is not for children under 16.

This class will be held on June 27, from 9 am – 4 pm.

The cost of the class is $85.

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For Children: Blacksmithing for Pairs

Pairs will learn about blacksmithing and create a project together with instruction by David Kauffman. Class is offered for a child over 10 and an accompanying adult.

Two sessions will be held on July 17.

The cost of the class is $50 each.

Register for the Morning Session (July 17, 9 am – 12 pm) at

Register for the Afternoon Session (July 17, 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm) at

Contact Tiffany for more information at