Hans Herr on Wheels

Bring the Hans Herr Experience to your School, Sunday School Class or Senior Group

Story-telling, slide shows, small demonstrations, colonial games, hands-on activities and food samples can be brought to your classroom, school assembly, Sunday School class, senior center, or civic group. Choose from the topics below.

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Please contact the director by email at director@hansherr.org or call (717) 464-4438. Speakers are available anytime during the year, with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

Of Trunks, Trails & Timbers

Of Trunks, Trails & Timbers tells the story of how a group of 25–30 refugees, fleeing their homes because of religious persecution, packed whatever belongings they thought they would need into trunks, traveled up a river on a raft and lived in a refugee camp for six weeks. Finally finding passage on a ship, they started across the Atlantic Ocean to begin a new life of freedom in an unknown country.

Greeted by tall timbers and solitude, these early European settlers established the roots of Lancaster County today. Carefully felling tall timbers, they established new homes and, in some ways, started their lives over.

Students will hear how and why the first families came to Lancaster County. They will learn of the struggles of travels, building houses and living in the vast wilderness of Penn’s Woods in the early 1700s. Students will begin to grasp how much daily life has changed in 300 years.

This presentation is suitable for youth and adult Sunday school classes, senior centers and civic groups.  Please call the office at 717-464-4438 for more information.

Presentation length: 45 minutes
Cost per presentation:
$85 plus travel expenses ( $ .55 per mile)

I’m Bored! What’s an 18th Century Mom to Do?

While an 18th century mother may not have heard this complaint from her child, what did a child do all day? Students will learn about life before electricity and iPods. This hands-on, two-hour workshop-style class is geared for students in grades 2 through 5.

Students will have an opportunity to try on typical Pennsylvania German clothing, as worn by children in the 1700s. After learning to appreciate modern styles and hygiene, they will try their hand at making butter, which they will eat on traditional rye bread. Students will also learn about the daily chores children would have done in colonial times.

But life was not all work and no play. Colonial games will be brought along for students to play. Students will also learn early American pastimes like fraktur (fancy writing), scherenschnitte (paper cutting) and making corn husk dolls.

Presentation length: 2 hours
Cost per presentation:
$100 plus travel expenses ( $ .55 per mile) and materials fee ($1.50 per student) The presentation cost is for one class of 20-25 students.