2018 Christmas Candlelight Tours

December 6, 7, & 8

Sorry - all 2018 Christmas Candlelight Tour tickets have been sold.

Make sure to come back for our 2019 Candlelight Tours! Tickets will go on sale Monday, October 7, 2019.

Walk through the grounds, lit with candles and lanterns, at night, experiencing and learning about history as you go. The 2018 theme for the Herr House Candlelight Tours is the history of printing. Learn the history of this practice from the 1400s to the present by seeing a traditional printing press, viewing examples of printing from different eras, and seeing books used by Mennonites from the 1500s onward.

Starting in the Longhouse, guests will learn about local Native American languages, seeing how words from these languages were put into print with many of this region’s river and town names today. You will also learn about petroglyphs – mysterious shapes and figures cut into the rocks of the Susquehanna River by Native Americans many centuries ago.

At other sites around the grounds, you’ll learn how the invention of the printing press in the 1400s drastically changed the direction of society in ways still keenly felt today. The story of printing throughout Reformation Europe, early American immigrants, up to the present will be told as you move from one presentation to the next, ending with a gathering in the Herr House, lit by candles and heated with the wood-burning stove. Here, after singing a German carol, you will hear the Christmas story from Luke 2 read in German.

Following the tours, participants are invited to linger around the fire for hot chocolate and popcorn. Herr House smoked sausage will be available for purchase.

“Christmas Candlelight Tours are a wonderful time to experience the beauty of the 1719 Hans Herr House while also gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of our past,” says Joel Nofziger, Director of Communications for the 1719 Hans Herr House and Museum.

Participants should dress for the weather and plan to walk throughout the evening, as a large portion of the Herr House property will be covered.