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The Game of Graces

Invented in France in the early 1800s, tossing and catching a wooden hoop with crossed sticks was considered a way to make young women more graceful. Today boys, girls and adults enjoy the challenge of this old-school outdoor game. Great for picnics and family reunions.


Bilbo Catcher

Two useless skills (and a lot of eye-hand coordination) are developed with this popular 18th-century plaything. Catch a tethered ball in a shallow cup on one end of the stick or spear it through a hole with the spike on the other end. Great group entertainment that requires no batteries.


Buzz Saw

Curiously satisfying. Tension from a twisted string spins a wooden disk in two directions, making a distinct buzzing sound. Easy for children to learn and annoy their siblings.


Jump Rope Set

One of the world’s simplest games is also its most popular. Jumping rope can develop coordination, creativity and teamwork and is great exercise. Learn something new about this old game.



As collectors items, decoration or for playing Ringers or a dozen other games, marbles hold a timeless appeal. Available in clay or glass.


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Cat’s Cradle
and Other String Games

Cat’s Cradle is one of dozens of temporary designs that one or two people can weave with a loop of string between their fingers. Advanced figures include Candles, the Manger, Knitting Needles, and the Scorpion. With experience, children can make a dozen different patterns and never end up with a knot!


Corn Husk Doll Kit

Early European settlers learned to make corn husk dolls from Native Americans. Corn husk doll kits include all necessary materials, including real cornhusks, instructions and history. The Traditional Doll is simple enough to teach to young children. More complex dolls make nice wreath, mantle or table decorations. String two or three dolls together with small pine cones for an attractive garland. Sizes vary due to the length of the corn husks.


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Game of Jacks

Jacks used to be called knucklebones and probably were actual bones. Modern jacks are the little metal knobby things at left. In the most basic jacks game, a player spills all the jacks on the floor, tosses the ball in the air, picks up one metal jack, waits for the ball to bounce once and catches the ball with the same hand before it bounces again. He or she does the same thing until all the jacks are picked up, then throws the jacks on the floor again and picks them up two at a time, then three at a time, and so on. Learn a game enjoyed by the ancient Greeks!


Colonial Doll Outfit

Seven piece Colonial Doll Outfit made exclusively for the Herr House and Museum, doll not included.


Quartets Game Set




In 1849 Franz Liszt completed his Piano Concerto No. 1, making the triangle a solo instrument in the third movement and earning it the nickname “triangle concerto”. Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Wagner all wrote the triangle into their music. The triangle is typically played by holding the string around one of the closed corners (not as shown) which allows the open ends to vibrate—although you can dampen the sound with your hand for interesting effects.



The harmonica is a mainstay of nearly every musical genre around the world, from blues to folk to jazz, country and rock and roll. If you’ve read the Robert McCloskey children’s classic Lentil, you know that a harmonica can save the reputation of an entire town. Key of C.