Most children enjoy a visit to the 1719 Hans Herr House and Museum and we strive to make the visit a pleasant one for everyone in the family.

We ask that parents supervise their children to ensure their safety and the safety of the Museum’s collection. We aim to be a “barrier-free” facility: almost none of our collection is in cases or separated from the visitor by a railing or rope. We ask parents to see that their children not touch or handle any objects in the collection, unless specifically instructed to do so by a Museum guide.

Very young children may not have the patience to take the full tour. We know this, and we hope you agree that our admission policy that all persons under the age of seven are free is fair. We offer an educational program just for the very young called “Mama & Me”.

On special events days when fires are burning, please stay well back from the fires and the anvil of the blacksmith’s shop. Please let the guides from the Museum feed the fires themselves. Please feel free to enjoy the grounds of the Museum any time for a picnic or a stroll. Please walk, and ask your children to do the same, especially when the Museum is crowded.

Please just look at the animals, and keep fingers and toes well back. Most animals are friendly if you are respectful, but it is good to be cautious.  “Bee” aware of the busy pollinators in the orchards and gardens! Without them, we will have no fruit. But, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. If you see a bee or a wasp nearby, calmly walk away with your hands down. In most cases, the insect won’t follow you far — she has better things to do.

Lost and Found
A lost-and-found area is located in the Visitor’s Center.